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About Cheerioo

Anthony Gabriel (Cheerioo), is a graduate of University of Central Florida withe a Bachelor of Science degree in Health care Administration and is a recent graduate of Webster University with a Dual Masters degree in Management and Leadership and Human Resources Management. He decided on his major after viewing the 1998 film "Patch Adams", starring Robin Williams.

His enthusiam for clowning initially began while working at a retail store years ago. He dressed up as a clown for a Halloween event and was such a big hit, the store asked him to dress up for other special events. "It was so much fun interacting with people" he states.

As mentioned above, after seeing  "Patch Adams", he wrote to the unconventional doctor. To his surprise, Adams replied. They corresponded for more than a year and eventually Adams invited Anthony to join him in Russia for the 19th annual international clown trip.

"Cheerioo" and 43 other volunteer clowns from 11 countries traveled to Russia  for two weeks in November 2003 with Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, who inspired the movie named after him. During their stay, in full costume, the colorful wig-wearing assembly visited children's hospitals as well as some orphanages and nursing homes.

Anthony continues his proffessional career while working full time in the Healthcare field. He states "It's been a dream of mine to reach out across the world to help others,". "Although I am not a medical doctor my experiences proven time and time again that laughter truly is "the best medicine". When using elements of humor both Health and wellness benefit optimally.

Cheerioo Grams Philosophy: “Fun, friendship and joy of service exist in everything we do at Cheerioo Grams". "It is our personal and professional goal to make a positive difference in the world using humor".