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Professional Face Painting $75 per hour


We train with the best artists in the industry and continue to learn the latest trends to offer a diverse range of design options. We can provide fast face and full face designs. We use quality paints that are FDA approved, hypo-allergenic, antifungal & antibacterial. The paint is easy to remove, washing off with just soap and water. Our artists can average about 15 to 50 faces per hour depending upon the technique used. 

Health and Hygiene

  • We may use antibacterial wipes on Faces, cheeks & arms.
  • All brushes used are dipped into a sanitizing brush wash.
  • All Artist's use hand sanitizer.
  • We will not paint people who, in the opinion of the painter, appears to have eczema, cold sores, conjunctivitis, sties, head lice, open sores or other obvious rashes or abrasions (even if they are not still contagious). A design on the hand or arm is an alternative.